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The Time Machine Diet weight loss method aims to return your body to its younger, leaner, healthy self.

Using age-tested and undeservedly forgotten methods and recipes that go far back in time, this approach helps heal a body with real food instead of medications.

The approach is based on author’s experience and  consists of three prongs:

  • Replacing sugary and starchy food and drink with their healthy equivalents
  • Cultivating healthy gut bacteria with delicious home-made fermented foods
  • Intermittent fasting to produce swift and sustained weight loss

While all three aspects work in concert to create a remarkable effect, each of them separately will also be highly beneficial. Thus, the method has much to offer to a wide-ranging audience, addressing a dynamic variety of health needs and desires.

The book is available in paperback and electronic formats, from many local and online stores and from the author’s website. Website also provides follow-up articles and recipes continuously supporting readers in their quest to healthier life.

Mission Statement

Food is not merely sustenance. Good food is tremendously enjoyable and beneficial. At some point in the past, we strayed from our path and turned food into sterile calories and artificial concoctions. We tried to remedy the resulting ailments with medications, further ruining the natural balance.

Much of our modern food landscape is unhealthy and unnatural, as is the pattern of frequent eating. They fuel the obesity epidemic, with all its destructive companions, like heart disease and diabetes. Returning to the eating choices that are natural for our body and nourishing for our mind and soul, one person and one dinner at a time, is The Time Machine Diet’s mission.

Vadym Graifer Bio

Born in Ukraine in 1961, Vadym Graifer graduated as a construction engineer and rose to a head of a private design and construction company during his country’s transformation after the USSR collapse.

He immigrated to Canada in 1996 and lived for ten years in Manitoba before moving to B.C. In Winnipeg, Graifer turned to stock market trading and founded educational company RealityTrader, teaching private investors to manage their portfolio. He has been invited to numerous seminars across North America and the Caribbean as a featured speaker. Upon moving to Victoria, Graifer resumed his lifelong hobby, taking photography on a semi-professional basis and launching photography website His photos won multiple contests and have been used by various advertising and tourism campaigns.

After publishing three books on stock market trading strategies, Vadym’s writing took an unexpected turn. He embarked on a path to alter his diet and lose weight when he was diagnosed with diabetes at age 52. This highly successful journey saw him shedding 75 pounds and trimming 8 inches off his waist. In The Time Machine Diet (RTS 2016) he describes his methodologies to reverse diabetes and hypertension with better food instead of medications. His website provides a follow-up to the book with supporting articles and recipes.


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