Injera – Ethiopian Flat Bread from Fermented Teff Flour

Let’s make Injera – Ethiopian flat bread from fermented teff flour. Why, you ask? Well, why not? It’s a unique kind of bread tasting unlike anything I’ve ever tried; it’s fermented (and my ears perk when I hear this word); it’s exotic, and it’s easy to make. It’s not a bread to spread your butter on (although have no doubt that I tried that, and it worked to a degree); it’s rather a wrap or a “utensil” with which you can scoop up a stir fry, a stew, or a salad. I would characterize its taste as a curious mix of bland and sour; thanks to blandness it soaks in the taste of the food you use it with, and sourness adds an intriguing twist. If you are not convinced still, a few words about its nutritional facts. Or, if it’s just the recipe you are interested in, scroll right through.

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