Bruce Knott (Cordova Bay, BC)

Tamara and I have seen the results first hand.  This began as a personal quest by Vad to beat a personal health issue.  We watched Vad and Iryna as they developed this regimen, followed it steadily, and got their results.  So happy for them.  Well done.

Vad is something of a polymath – he does the deep dive into whatever he commits himself to.  He figures it out and he lives it.  Spoke with him several times on the Sidney waterfront as he was working out the details.  What interested me was that there was the good sensible selection about what you put in the body and how you time your meals.

Vad already has what he wants from this, but I’ll bet he helps a lot of people with this.

Don Tarasoff (Sidney, BC)

Why another diet book?  I have known Vadym for eight years.  I can testify that in short order he went from 260 lbs to 165 lbs.

I am overweight, and decided to follow his example.  First I cut out all sugar and grain based products, especially bread.  In two days I lost my appetite for sweets and stopped mindless snacking.  After just two weeks I have lost weight and dropped 2 inches from my waist.  I am looking forward to adopting other aspects of his diet.

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