Two Fiber-Rich Recipes

As you may or may not know, in regards to weight loss for the last two months I am in a maintenance mode, as described in detail in the last chapters of The Time Machine Diet. Aside from occasional fasting days, mostly I eat by (not too strict) LCHF – Low Carb High Fat regimen. Generally, it’s a good idea not to let your body settle into a routine, and keep it guessing so to speak, by periodic changing the ways you eat. Keeping your body off balance prevents it from adjusting and starting slow weight creep-up. Along these lines, now and then I like to add a day or two in no-carb mode; fat, fibre and protein, nothing else. You may know this approach by the name of keto, short for a ketogenic diet.

One little problem with this kind of days – there is no bread, even no-wheat variety, to spread your butter on. And I like my butter. Especially my jolly good cultured butter.

Tragedy, however, can be avoided. Just for this purpose, here is a recipe for a bread replacement with no carbs whatsoever. Well, there is some, to be sure, but it’s practically all fiber. It’s net carbs that we want to minimize – subtract the fiber from the total, and whatever’s left is the number you want to be as small as possible. See example below the video. The recipe is very simple, so the brief video should suffice:

Of all the optional ingredients mentioned in the video, my favorite is poppy seeds. By the way, let me show the nutritional data on those to practice spotting the net carbs number. Take a look at the lines saying Total Carbohydrate and Dietary Fiber – the resulting zero is a thing of beauty. Not even speaking of the obvious “sugars.”

Poppy Seeds nutrition

In the case of our main ingredient, flax seeds, we have 49g total carbs per cup, of which 46g is fiber. Remaining 3g multiplied by 2 cups gives us 6g, which comes to 0.5 g per slice. Whole wheat bread, by comparison, comes to 10g net carbs per slice, 20 times the difference.

Remember, such severe carb-cutting is called for only if you are on keto diet. If you are not trying to exclude all the carbs, two buckwheat-based recipes in The Time Machine Diet will serve you just fine.

Also, let’s add a modification of a salad we had before, with no fruit this time and with added shredded coconut:

Enjoy your carb-free days!




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