The book details the author’s weight-loss journey, where he reversed the effects of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Modifying his nutrition and eating patterns, he lost 75 pounds, eliminating the need for medications in the process.


The dietary methods discussed in the book avoid most of the strict limitations of many diets; instead, they focus on healthy foods and better eating patterns. The Time Machine Diet combines time-tested recipes and techniques with the latest groundbreaking research, producing spectacular results while enhancing quality of life and an enjoyable eating regimen.

The Three Prongs of The Time Machine Diet:

  • Replacing sugary and starchy food and drink with healthy equivalents
  • Cultivating healthy gut bacteria with delicious home-made fermented foods
  • Utilizing intermittent fasting to produce swift and sustained weight loss

Relating experiences and discoveries from the author’s journey, the book is highly practical. The recipes and hands-on advice will make the transition to healthy eating easy and enjoyable. The Time Machine Diet will help you create a new sustainable lifestyle.

Learn how you can:

  • apply the astonishingly effective weight loss method, step by step
  • replace traditional dishes and desserts with healthier, better-tasting versions
  • make some of your favorite dishes healthier just by cooking them differently
  • add delicious, easy-to-prepare, time-tested probiotic foods to your daily menu
  • exercises effectively without torturous hours in the gym

The Time Machine Diet restores your hormonal balance, enabling your body to burn fat and repair the damage caused by detrimental eating habits.

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