Weight Loss Method

First of all, why Time Machine? A few reasons. For one, this weight loss method aims to return your body to its younger, leaner, healthy self. It’s not unlike travel back in time; I certainly feel as though I am 30-35 again.

Secondly, we use methods and recipes that go far back in time. Age-tested and undeservedly forgotten, they’ve recently made a widespread comeback. The most glaring example is fermented foods, which are incredibly delicious, easy to prepare, and extraordinarily beneficial to our gut bacteria.

Third, a crucial element of the discussed approach is timing of meals. Our modern pattern of frequent eating is unhealthy and unnatural. It contributes to the obesity epidemic, with all its destructive companions. The critically important element of my system is Intermittent Fasting, astonishingly effective in trimming pounds of fat and inches from the waistline. Weight loss achieved through this method is rapid and sustainable.

The approach consists of three prongs:

  • Replacing sugary and starchy food and drink with their healthy equivalents
  • Cultivating healthy gut bacteria with delicious home-made fermented foods
  • Intermittent fasting to produce swift and sustainable weight loss

While all three aspects work together to create a remarkable effect, each of them separately will also be highly beneficial. Thus, the method has much to offer to a wide-ranging audience, addressing a dynamic variety of health needs and desires.

The most surprising factor was the relative ease of this accomplishment. My wife and I didn’t deprive ourselves of our favorite dishes or torture ourselves with tedious hours of exercise. Our bodies happily adjusted to new routines that felt very natural. The whole undertaking has not only been wildly successful, but also highly enjoyable.

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