Allergy Be Gone

This development is from the so-called NSV (Non-Scale Victory) series. As you know, I started my weight loss drive with LCHF+IF in March of last year, so this spring is the first one I get to experience in my new state of weight and health – 50+ pounds lighter and non-diabetic anymore.

A few days ago I suddenly realized that first time in many years I have no annual allergy symptoms. No sneezing, no itchy eyes, none of this every year spring nightmare. My first thought was, probably late spring and some fluctuations in pollen counts bring a relief this year. So I looked around. Hmmm. Everything that triggered those “joys” blooms as always – Scottish broom,

Scottish broom

seeding grasses,

Grass getting ready to seed, close-up

and other stuff the names for which I don’t know. Mowing grass has been usually something sending me into a two-hours long session of misery – so far none of that materialized. People around me complain of severe symptoms as always, so it’s not an easier year for allergies. Looking at the allergy forecast, I see an objective confirmation¬†as well:

allergy forecast

So, where did my allergy go? It’s not the environment that changed, it’s me. The change that my new lifestyle brought manifested itself in more ways than I felt and observed before. Maybe general inflammation level decrease effected this improvement, maybe something else is at play here; I don’t really know nor care about the details. Intuitively, it makes total sense, doesn’t it? Your health in general improves, various manifestations of underlying problems decrease or disappear. ¬†Remains to be seen how the rest of the summer goes as various species bloom, but so far none of the traditional symptoms appeared. It’s an additional perk of righting the ship. Yay.

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