Weight Loss Progress, Visualized

The third part of The Time Machine Diet describes the nine-month long weight loss drive with Intermittent Fasting. The numbers from month to month may get a bit difficult to visualize, so I thought I’d add a few illustrations. They don’t require a lot of explanations – that’s why they call them “visual aid,” I guess. One curious detail that deserves additional remark is the pause in our weight loss progress in October; it was caused by quitting hypertension medication and water weight returning. One more comment: the right column’s numbers were achieved in November and they flatlined after that; however, since I had my A1C test in December, I kept uniformity to all the measurements.

First, my weight loss progress and changes in various indicators.

Weight Loss chart

 Fasting Progress

Now, Iryna’s:

Weight Loss chart

Fasting progress

To add, yesterday she bought a new pair of jeans, size 6. A year ago it was size 12. Don’t tell her I made it known. And if I am never seen or heard from again, you know she found out.

Hope these graphics inspire those of you who still hesitate. Ready? The detailed day-by-day hand-holding is here!

Update April 7, 2017: Another 3 months, another A1C test. Allow me to provide the  background, to put the number in the context:

  •  one year ago when I just started my IF, it sat at 7.3 with max dose of Metformin;
  •  over the course of weight loss drive it went to 6.4 and 6.2, with Metformin dosage decreasing after each test;
  • 3 months ago it dipped to 5.9 for the first time since diagnosis, and that happened without Metformin.

This latest test has been done 5 months since I switched to maintenance mode, applying IF “on demand” or for pleasure and upping my carb intake – still staying on a low side but nowhere close to ketogenic levels. No Metformin at all, of course. The test came back at… drumroll please… 5.7! Healing continues!

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